Meet our Archery Unlimited Staff.  We are proud to offer you a combined total of more than 60 years of archery experience.  Our professional bow technicians are trained and ready to assist you.

Rick Hellums

President, Owner

When you walk through our door, chances are Rick will be the first to greet you. He is a master bow technician, an avid bowhunter, and an awesome instructor with the expertise to make you feel right at home.

This guy knows his stuff !

Paige Hellums

Vice President, Owner

You might not see her in the shop much but rest assured she is busy in the back office. This lady is managing the purse strings and keeping the books straight. Actually, she keeps everyone straight!

David Hellums

Procurement / Sales /Technician

David was born with a bow in his hand. He has been shooting since he can remember. This young man spends his workday researching and ordering all the cool merchandise you see in the store. He is also a master bow technician.

Robert Householder


Robert is a master bow technician and he has learned his craft well, and we are certain you will enjoy working with him.

Kimber aka Doodles

Chief of Security

Do not be afraid. This sweet baby loves everyone who enters the shop and has plenty of kisses to go around. She does not bite but she just might lick you to death!


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